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Plain and simply, i hate rapidshare! They charge ridiculous amount if you want to have a premium account and sometimes files get deleted which you really wanted. They could povide the unlimited service for free. However, they choose to make us pay. Whilst this is a great service and it isn't a scam, they should at least make it free or make the subscription cost lower.
Since there are many methods to get around time limit etc...using long and fruitless methods like java script, and clearing ip filters. I've found ta way that works best and it's simple.

Please note the following method worked for me. So what you need is AN INTERNET CONNECTION WITH DYNAMIC IP ADDRESS! If you don't know what is is google is your friend.

What Now?

Go to the following page on the links bar to the left, titled 'method'.


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

This worked for me using this exact method. SO i hope it works for you since rapidshare is a blatent ripp-off.