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This is where i will provide the method of completing this workaround.

Here is the step by step guide:
SO what you need is an internet connection with a dynamic ip address. So for 90%+ of people on an ADSL internet connection (like me) you probably have a dynamic ip. You also need something you want from rapidshare of course, this means multiple parts to a larger file. Eg a 700mb movie split into 7-8rar archives for example.
You also need to know how to access your modem within your browser like internet explorer.
1)If you havn't downloaded anything from rapidshare recently start from here. So lets say you have a 700mb movie in 8 RAR archives. Here's what to do. Copy the first url archive into rapidshare do the steps and download it to a specified folder of your choice. (ie: do what you normally do)
2) Now what would usually happen is, if straight after you downloaded the first part and go to download the next part off rapidshare, it will come up with the message that is seen on your page for you wait x amount minutes. So...
3) After downloading part 1 and you know that you can't download part 2 cause you have to wait do this. Read your manual or instruction booklet that came with the modem and find out it's ip address to access settings in internet browser. For me, this is but it could be etc.. you know what i mean. After finding this out go into your browser and type it in. The little firmware page should pop up on the screen with links to various things. Goto a tab that is called connections or something like that. Now it should have the username and password that your isp gave you.
Below that it should have disconnect. Click on that and wait for it to disconnect and it should say on status net connection is down. Now click connect button on that same page straight after and wait for it to connect again. WALLAH your new ip address has been given to you.
If you are having trouble doing that the fool proof way is to just power off and power on your modem physically each time. But, that can be annoying if your modem is tucked behind your PC or MAC. Usually this means pressing and holding a button until the lights on the modem turn off. (Or you could turn off and on at the switch at the wall) or even better take modem power pack out of the wall all together.
4) Now go into rapidshare with the second part of the archive and download it as usual. Instad of the hour+ waititng time it will only take 1minute using this method. yay :)
It's best to have a browser with tabbed browsing with rapidshare on one tab and modem connection page on the other (if you don't know what that is google it. IE7 and mozilla use have it). Or just 2 browsers open, with rapidshare on one and modem connection page on other browser. (If you do physcial power on/off method don't worry about modem tab/browser page open.
It's also good to have a text/word document or whatever with the rapidshare links ready to copy paste into browser

Hope I didn't confuse you :)


The way of the internet...

What a job!

I might describe my job in a little more detail here. I'll write about what I do, what I like best about it, and even some of the frustrations. (A job with frustrations? Hard to believe, huh?)




This worked for me using this exact method. SO i hope it works for you since rapidshare is a blatent ripp-off.