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Evolution of Ape-Men
Natural Selection
3 Misconceptions of Evolution
Evolution Discussed

A brief introduction.

Biology states evolution as the passing of of traits from organism to organism and generation to generation. This affects the make-up of the species or organism. Leading to the emergence of new species and new lines and mutations of that particular organism.
Charles Darwin a 19th century English naturalist said that organisms come about through evolution. This was correct however, it was missing the explanation of how animals have feature like legs and arms, fins and feathers. Including why they were there and what specific functions they played. Darwin is widely for his explanation of natural selection which will be discussed later on. A new breed of science called genetics gave more detail into how natural selection works, which lead to the modern day theory of evolution.
This science made it possible to investigate how similar the genes are between certain organisms like the human and chimpanzee.

A science based theory of evolution. Including 3 main parts.

The tree main parts of the evolution theory are:

1. The descent of every organism from a solitary ancestor gene pool.

2. The difference in novel traits in a lineage.

3. Mechanisms that cause trait sto continue whilst other slowly die out.

Whilst a scientific theory can be is a piece of information that is based on fact and explanations. However, it can never be proven. Whilst we can get a majority of the information, there can be key features left out that can change a certain part of the theory.

Weekly Question

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What is the difference between creationism and evolution?


Creationism is a religious based point of view which explains how God or some supernatural being created the world. Stating everything in existence was created in the beginning. Whilst the theory of evolution states we started out as simple organisms which slowly mutated over the years into complex and vast varieties of creatures.

The prize for question of the week goes to Johnny Bravo of Wagga Wagga State High.

The evolution of the horse. (Notice the small changes over short periods.) But, big changes over long periods of time.



This is a common example of how evolution works. Over years and years genetic changes due to environmental changes or different types of breeding can change the outcome of a species. Sometimes it can create different branches of a species that look similar but lack identical characteristics.

F.A.Q. Corner
Why doesn't the perfection of our body make Creation true?
Well, evolution is a result of random chance. Us and many other animals also have suboptimal characteristics.
Didn't Darwin renounce evolution on his deathbed?
No the Darwin deathbed story is false, and in most cases false. The theory depends on how well it is supported by surrounding facts not who believes in it.

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By Jimmy K and Andrew H