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Evolution of Ape-Men
Evolution of Ape-Men
Natural Selection
3 Misconceptions of Evolution
Evolution Discussed

Evolution of the Apeman over millions of years.

Australopithecus afarensis


The Australopithecus afarensis lived in the eastern sections Africa between four and three million years ago, this specie was a long-lived species, which basically means that there kind, didn’t die out for a long time. These were the first kind of human to work the planet.



Paranthropus boisei


This species existed around 2.3 and 1.2 million years ago and was mainly found in the eastern parts of Africa. This species represents the most extreme version of the early humans in eastern Africa. Paranthropus boisei had a skull highly specialized for heavy chewing. They flourished in the drier savanna areas that existed in eastern Africa at the time but when there was a drastic weather change they couldn’t cope and they died off.



Homo habilis


This species existed around 2 to 1.6 million years ago, it also was found in eastern Africa and in limited parts of southern Africa. This was a small species and only stood at one meter in height. They had relatively long arms but a small face with a developed nose.



Homo ergaster


This species existed around 1.5 million years ago, these species had no home and wonder from place to place and followed the food. They  had extremly large brains and were the first of there kind to have sweet glands. So this ment that they could run for days on end hunting for there food. They also were the first of there kid to make stone axes and discover the art of fire.



Homo heidelbergensis


These species lived more that 500 thousand years ago and there brain capacity was as almost as large as ours. They had some sort of a very basic langue and used this to surround animals and capture them. But the thing that makes them so different from us today is that they didn’t burry there dead.


Homo Neanderthalensis


These species lived over 140 thousand years ago and were a very short bunch of people, in fact they were only 5 and half feet. Because of there size they had very short limbs so that there body doesn’t have to produce excess heat. They had broad noses used for cooling the creature down so he doesn’t sweet. They could with stand tremendous amounts of pain.


Homo Sapiens



These are the first forms of you and I; there brains are the size of our and their body has the same type of limbs ours do.



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By Jimmy K and Andrew H